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The Walking Business Academy held an unveiling ceremony in Vancouver to start a new business education journey

Vancouver, Canada - March 8, 2024 - At 2 pm, the Walking Business Academy held a grand unveiling ceremony at the Flower & Horse in Spring Vancouver Sharing Club.

This event is an important step for Walking Business Academy to enter Vancouver and also marks the official establishment of the business academy in Canada.

At the beginning of the event, the guests gathered together to witness the birth of the Walking Business Academy. Before the unveiling ceremony, everyone took a group photo in front of the stage, showing unity and common expectations. Later, through the wonderful video presentation, we learned about the philosophy and mission of the Walking Business Academy.

The founder, Ms. Li Yuan, introduced the business academy’s iconic logo, origin, vision and future development plans, which aroused enthusiastic responses from the participants.

When the unveiling ceremony officially began, with the announcement of co-founder/initiator Li Yuan, the iconic logo of the Walking Business Academy was slowly unveiled, symbolizing the official launch of the business academy in Vancouver.

Subsequently, the chief instructor, Professor Zhang Jiawei, shared the original intention of the business academy and its future itinerary in Japan, which inspired the guests present to look forward to the future of the business academy.

Ms. Hua Meijia from Vando Media also introduced the itinerary of the return trip to Japan with Professor Zhang, giving everyone a clearer understanding of the itinerary for the business academy.

In addition, Burnaby City Councilor Wang Baijin and Professor Zhang Guoren also specially attended the event to send blessings and support for the establishment of the business academy.

The whole ceremony ended successfully with laughter and everyone toasted together to celebrate the successful launch of the Walking Business Academy in Vancouver.

The establishment of the Walking Business Academy is not only an innovation in business education, but also a subversion of the traditional business school teaching model. Through a practice-oriented teaching model, the Walking Business Academy will provide students with more opportunities to continue to grow and improve in practice.

About the Walking Business Academy:

The Walking Business Academy is an institution committed to subverting the traditional business education model. It provides students with a full range of learning experience and practical opportunities by going out of the classroom and going deep into practice, combining theory with practice. The mission of the Walking Business Academy is to cultivate business leaders with practical capabilities and innovative thinking to promote the development and progress of the business world.


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