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About Us

New Dream Media Group INC. is a pioneering agency dedicated to empowering individuals and brands in the new media era. We focus on the creation of new media knowledge-based IP and provide a full range of personalized services from personal branding to market strategy planning. Through innovative cooperation models, diversified membership activities and new media strategies, we help everyone and brands stand out in the highly competitive market, realize their new dreams, and expand infinite possibilities together.

This Small Details

At New Dream Media Group INC, we firmly believe that everyone has unlimited potential to realize their dreams. Our mission is not only to expand the boundaries of possibilities, but also to empower every individual and brand through the creation of new media knowledge-based IP and personalized services, so that their unique stories can bloom in the new media wave.


We know that behind every success story is constant interaction, cooperation and growth. Therefore, we are committed to building an ecological environment that promotes business alliances and cultural exchanges, and through our Huama Spring Vancouver life sharing platform, we provide members with a positive energy community with "Three Lives Culture" as the core. Here, survival, life and the meaning of life are intertwined, and every communication is a step towards common growth.


Our philosophy is to build a diverse, happy, and healthy living space where everyone can find a sense of belonging and realize their self-worth. We believe that through our efforts, we can inspire more people to pursue their dreams and realize their dreams. New Dream International Media Company is your partner on the journey to realize your dreams. Together we create unique success stories and move towards a more brilliant future together.

Our Team

We are proud to have a diverse and talented team, with members from different backgrounds and cultures, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise, working together to drive innovation and growth in the new media space.

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